Program Outline

Plenary Sessions

  • Main Arena (Plenary Session)
  • Opening of CIT 2019 in Partnership with TCT and Plenary Sessions
  • PCR at CIT
  • CCT at CIT
  • Closing of CIT 2019

Late Breaking Trials

  • Late Breaking Clinical Trials
  • First Report Investigations

Live Case Sessions

  • Live Case Session
  • Featured Lectures

International Partnership Sessions

  • Cardiovascular Summit - TCTAP at CIT
  • SCAI at CIT
  • CRT at CIT
  • CRT at CIT
  • APSIC at CIT
  • Best of CCI-CIT Special Issue
  • APCTO Club at CIT
  • WIN at CIT
  • NCVH at CIT
  • CACI at CIT

National Partnership Sessions

  • Best of CCC/CISC
  • Best of GAP-CCBC
  • Integrated Medicine and Interventional Cardiology

Scientic Symposia

  • CHIP
  • BRS
  • TVT
  • LAA Closure
  • The 11th Clinical Research Workshop
  • CFDA (Regulation, Design, and Evaluation for Medical Device Clinical Trials)
  • Left Main and Bifurcations
  • Imaging and Physiology
  • Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Imaging
  • Structural and Congenital Heart Disease
  • Endovascular Forum
  • Heart Rhythm
  • Basics and Medical Therapies
  • Drug-Eluting Stents
  • Drug-Coated Balloons
  • "Leaving Nothing Behind"
  • TRI Club
  • PCI Technique and Outcome
  • The 14th Annual Symposium for Nurse and Technologist
  • Renal Denervation and Therapies for Hypertension
  • Innovation Academy
  • Innovation Summit
  • Pulmonary Embolism and Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Preclinical Studies in Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Development and Implementation of Cardiac Rehabilitation in China
  • Industry Supported Symposia

Cardiovascular Interventional Training Courses

  • Cardiac Catheterization Basics: Guiding Catheter Skills
  • Basic Course on Bifurcation Treatment
  • Practical Course on PCI Part I - Complex Case Discussions
  • Practical Course on PCI Part II - An Expert Tutorial onChronic Total Occlusion
  • Practical Course on PCI Part III - Controversial CaseDiscussions
  • Practical Course on PCI Part IV - A Beginners Tutorial on Chronic Total Occlusion
  • The Basic-Level Hospital PCI Forum
  • Learning TAVI Step by Step
  • Learning Imaging for TAVI
  • Learning CTO: Video Taped Case Reviews

Scientic Paper Presentations

  • Abstract Oral Presentation Session
  • Moderated E-Poster Session

Case Reviews

  • The 11th PCI Complications Forum
  • Wechat-Based Haichang PCI Complications Forum
  • Educational Case Award Session
  • IABP Scholarship Awarding Ceremony and Case Reviews
  • Call-for-Case Reviews

Industry-Sponsored Symposia

  • Pharmacologic Satellite Symposium
  • Twilight Symposium
  • Luncheon Satellite Symposium

Learning Centers (15 in Total)

CIT Live

  • CIT Live Part I
  • CIT Live Part II