IABP Reviews
Result of Review
Case Number Title First Author
CS-0297 急性心梗PCI后肠切除一例 Dangsheng Huang
IABP-0011 IABP for High Risk Myocardial Infarction: Decision Making in Practice Jiong Tang
IABP-0022 Rescue of STEMI with cardiogenic shock by IABP and ECMO: a case report Liyun He
IABP-0036 PCI Supported by IABP:a Case Report Huan Wang
IABP-0038 A case of openning two occluded vessels in emergency PCI assisted by IABP Yixiong Huang
IABP-0046 IABP+ECMO Assisted Primary PCI in CHIP Kun Miao
IABP-0062 IABP support combined with heart transplantation for AMI with ventricular septal perforation: a case report Jing Chen
IABP-0070 IABP,defenders of life Shuang Yang
IABP-0072 a case of Cardiogenic shock after myocardial infarction Xiaodong Qian
IABP-0074 Applying IABP mechanically assisted and Hybrid to rescue a patient post Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery CABG : A case report Yupeng Wang