Call for Late Breaking Clinical Trial

CIT Late Breaking Clinical Trial (LBCT) are first-time worldwide presentations of the primary endpoint or important secondary endpoint results of prospective, randomized clinical trials, or the first worldwide presentations of large-scale, impactful single-center or multi-center registries, or first-in-man experiences with novel devices or drugs. Studies accepted as Late Breaking Clinical Trials will be presented in the major meeting room at prime time during CIT2021. An application must be submitted for each LBCT that you are proposing. By submitting an application, you are warranting that the trial or study is likely to be completed and will be presented at CIT if accepted, whether the results are positive or negative. Presentations of accepted LBCTs prior to CIT are strictly embargoed. Any LBCT which has been published before CIT2021 won't be accepted.

Note: Accepted LBCTs may not be withdrawn for negative results. Such action will negatively impact future applications from both the applicant and the trial sponsor.
-Online submission is the only way accepted to submit the LBCT (

Open of Submission:
November 2, 2020
Deadline of Submission:
February 26, 2021

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