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Case Reviews

Case Number Title First Author
CS-0003 AMI  Shock and Ventricular electrical storm Combined with LM stenosis ,  occlusions of  RCA and CTO of LAD Tongku Liu
CS-0004 In-stent CTO at LAD treated by AXXESS dedicated bifurcation stent and additional DES: The first case of AXXESS-treated CTO in Taiwan Zhaofeng Lin
CS-0006 The lessons from a serious complication of plaque shift: Always be ready to have the ability to treat LM bifurcation during primary PCI. Zhaofeng Lin
CS-0011 Mechanical Thrombectomy Using Solitaire and Transcatheter Closure of Patent Foramen Ovale in a Young Woman With Cryptogenic Stroke Qiang Fu
CS-0013 The pathogeny of a cardiac mass Huanhuan Wang
CS-0014 1 cases with severe stenosis of left main after the operation of  bifurcation lesions Chengming Yang
CS-0016 Emergency treatment of acute myocardial infarction complicated with cardiac shock Zheng Ji
CS-0017 PRimary percutaneous coronary intervention of bifurcation lesion of left main  Chengfu Cao
CS-0020 Life and death racing: AMI 9 times defibrillation before CI Zhaofang Yin
CS-0025 Who blinded our eyes - repeated angina , repeated contrast , one case of acute myocardial infarction Guoqing Li
CS-0029 Guide Wire Fracture in PCI of Right Coronary Artery Zhenguo Ji
CS-0031 Fracture of GW during Reverse-CART for RCA-CTO Lin Zhao
CS-0032 Coronary artery stent to take off the case Xiwei Chen
CS-0037 One case of dissection of left main coronary leding to cardiac arrest. Ling Zhang
CS-0039 Percutaneous closure of a giant pseudoaneurysm of the left ventricular wall Hongwen Tan
CS-0040 a cases was occurred to acute thrombosis in the diagonal branch of the bifurcation lesions Cheng Kang
CS-0041 A case of high thrombus load:breathtaking and full of twists and turns Zhaoqing Sun
CS-0042 Strange ostial lesion Ling Yan
CS-0043 Selective PCI of Bifurcation after Bifurcation Fuyuan Liu
CS-0044 A miracle case of recurrent acute Anterior Myocardial Infarction Zhifeng Zheng
CS-0047 extreme case report--Acute myocardial infarction Jinsong Xu
CS-0049 Pulmonary Artery Denervation for Treatment in a Patient with Pulmonary Hypertension Secondary to the Left Heart Disease Hang Zhang
CS-0056 Acute myocardial infarction occurred in 2 months after cerebral hemorrhage PTCA2 Yulin Chen
CS-0060 One case of stent thrombosis after PCI of acute myocardial infarction Junsong Liu
CS-0063 2case of Peripheral artery interventional therapy Lei Wang
CS-0064 Severe Coronary Calcification Treated by Rotational Atherectomy with Burr Entrapment Hui Li
CS-0069 A Case of Primary PCI for Extremely Tortuous RCA Yin Zhang
CS-0070 Compositive Techniques of IVUS and Dissection Reentry in Complex CTO  Zening Jin
CS-0072 one simple Coronary angiography Jie Li
CS-0074 Three-Dimensional Printing Creates Models for Individualized Planning of Endovascular Repair for Aortic Dissection  Zhi Zheng
CS-0078 Stent thrombosis in LAD combined with dissection in LCX during DK-CRUSH of Left main bifurcation Defeng Pan
CS-0083 A bad start leads to a tragedy...  Junwei Li
CS-0089 Longitudinal stent deformation Jingbo Shao
CS-0096 A Case of Delay Cullote Lizhong Wang
CS-0098 Being small chest incision bilateral internal mammary artery double vessel coronary bypass and coronary interventional stent therapy combined with sub -station hybrid surgery case Yunpeng Ling
CS-0100 ACS caused by a Gaint Aneurysm---case report liang Dong
CS-0105 DK-DRUSH in Bifurcation Cases in AMI Baoyu Geng
CS-0106 A case of acquired  Brugada syndrome Zhenggui Wang
CS-0108 Special ACS after CABG Yong Tang
CS-0117 One case of stent dislodgment accidently and take it out perfectly Weiming Li
CS-0122 ipsilateral retrograde PCI for RCA-CTO Qi Zhang
CS-0125 Stent disrupt in myocardial bridge Naqiong Wu
CS-0127 Stent longitudinal deformation due to the IVUS Dong Yin
CS-0136 Success Disposal of Stent Migration in Left Main Bifurcation PCI and 3 Years Angiogram Follow-up Bing Liu
CS-0137 Successful PCI after LM Thrombosis Accident and 2 Years Angiogram Follow-up Bing Liu
CS-0141 Thumb artery embolization after PCI for  a patient with AMI and  essential thrombocythemia  Liping  Ding
CS-0147 A case of burr entrapment in coronary rotational atherectomy Gaoshu Zheng
CS-0149 Coronary stenting complications --- balloon avulsion Haichang Wang
CS-0153 Sudden cardiac arrest survivor: angina pectoris with temporary amaurosis after ICD implantation due to VT/VF in a single coronary artery
What’s wrong with him?
Daokuo Yao
CS-0160 treatment of Right coronary artery chronic total occolusion with retrograde guidewire  technique  Hongzhi Liu
CS-0163 To conquest the LAD CTO with dual channel microcathether Zhigen Li
CS-0164 A case of right coronary artery aneurysm with massive thrombus Hongwei Pan
CS-0172 A case of successful removal of the broken guide wire Hongwei Pan
CS-0174 Reverse spinning technology  after  right coronary sinus  dissection Yanbo Chen
CS-0175 A Case of Sheathless Transradial Coronary Intervention for Left Main Bifurcation Lei Feng
CS-0177 RWT technology to deal with severe angulation bifurcation lesions in 1 case  Hongxu Geng
CS-0183 A case of right coronary artery CTO with left main bifurcation lesions Yu Tang
CS-0184 AMI associated with Cardiogenic Shock caused by obtuse marginal branch occlusion:PCI or Not? Defeng Pan
CS-0187 Relay rescue of a case with cardiac shock Zhigang Lu
CS-0199 OCT Guided Primary PCI of LAD with BVS Sridhar Kasturi
CS-0205 Is there any way out of dilemma?STEMI followed gastrointestinal bleeding  Guowei Zhou
CS-0210 PCI of Total Occlusion of Right Coronary Artery Ostia Caused by Takayasu Arteritis Through Retrograde Approach  Evan kurniawan
CS-0214 One case of left main coronary artery disease with anterior descending branch and right coronary artery occlusion Jianfei Chen
CS-0215 Coronary artery perforation spring coil embolization a successful rescue  Ruifeng Chen
CS-0217 A young woman with acute anterior and posterior myocardial infarction Zhuhua Ni
CS-0221 latest wring technology for completing a very hard CTO case via  ipsilateral  retrograde approach Keng Wu
CS-0228 A case of hemorrhagic shock and pulmonary embolism after atrial fibrillation ablation Bingfeng Zhou
CS-0235 A case of OptiCross IVUS guided antegrade approach to CTO of LAD bifurcation lesion Liming Gao
CS-0238 A Special Case with myocardial infarction  Jinxi Xia
CS-0241 Aortic dissection after PCI Guodong Wang
CS-0250 One case of transradial interverntion of SVG Shengwen Liu
CS-0254 Age, calcification - shock one case Tongda Xu
CS-0260 One case of Repeatedly ISR Zongsheng Guo
CS-0264 PCI after LAD occludd by self-made cover stent after coronary peforation Jingbo Hou
CS-0266 IVUS-guided unprotected LM bifurcation stenting Jie Zhao
CS-0272 How to deal with the false lumen after stent implantation Linfeng Li
CS-0273 A confusing case of Cardiac Tamponade Yingcong Liang
CS-0276 OCT follow-up of a LAD in-stent CTO lesion successfully recanalized with DCB Jun Jiang
CS-0290 Is sinal tachycardia normal in a young female? Man Wang
CS-0291 On case of Stent delivery system fracture Xiang Ma
CS-0292 Drug-coated balloon therapy in LM birfurcation ISR guided by OCT Jichang Zhang
CS-0295 IVUS and guidezilla assisted retrograde PCI for complicated RCA CTO  Chunjian Li
Shengli Yang
CS-0306 a case of occluder abscission with Recanalization after ligation of patent ductus arteriosus Jiawang Xiao
CS-0327 Balloon protection Yonghong Zhang
CS-0330 elective PCI of a patient in the subacute phase of myocardial infarction Tong Luo
CS-0338 Confusing thrombotic lesion in 2 cases: Same therapy, different results. Sigan Hu
CS-0339 Late-onset of ventricular lead perforation: a case report Zhimin Liu
CS-0343 Reflection on stent displacement of LM PCI in a hybride case Chongjian Li
CS-0355 PCI via radial artery line, Cause hemothorax, shock Huan Zhang
CS-0356 Case report on complicated PCI(ostial lesion、bifurcation lesion、passive culotte)  Jianmin Tang
CS-0357 A case of late cardiac tamponade after PCI Geng Wang
CS-0359 Rotablation to open a CTO with tubular calcification Yubin Tang
CS-0360 Biodegradable stent-induced dissection of the right coronary artery Xin Sun
CS-0361 embolism after aspiration in patient with ostium occlusion of LAD Fei Li
CS-0362 LM-bifurcation lesion with heavy calcification Zhanying Han
CS-0369 key Left xiphocostal Pericardiocentesis for larger coronary perforation  Jun Dai
CS-0371 DEB+KBT technique for bifurcation stent restenosis Hanjun Zhao
CS-0377 A case of retrograde recanalization of coronary artery dissection Jianchang Xie
CS-0379 When faced with a complex bifurcation lesion Pingxi Xiao
CS-0382 recanalize LAD CTO using retrograde technique Jianying Ma
CS-0387 case report: bifurcation lesion combined with severely calcification Jun Xie
CS-0392 Treatment of Acquired Pulmonary Artery Stenosis Resulted from External Compression with Endovascular Stent Placement: A Case Report Yingjie Zhong
CS-0393 strategy of multivessel bifurcation lesion  Zhuxi Li
CS-0394 Lessons of processing broken RCA Muwei Li
CS-0400 A case of massive thrombosis in a huge right coronary artery Dawei Yu
CS-0406 A Case of Thrombocytopenia in Treatment of CAD: HIT or GIT? Zi Ye
CS-0413 when acute myocardial infartion encountered bifurcation lesions: IVUS guided bifurcation lesion  PCI Yian Yao
CS-0416 Successful management of coronory artery perforation during PCI with cardiac tamponade and hemorrhage because of liver injury Zhifang Wang
CS-0417 A case of acute thrombosis in CAS Haojian Dong
CS-0419 a case of subacute stent thrombosis after successful PCI in left main trifurcation lesions Yigang Qiu
CS-0425 Delayed Left Ventricular Pseudoaneurysm After Acute Myocardial Infarction Stenting: Case Report Yang Fu
CS-0428 A case of coronary perforation :Could this be preventable  Wei Liu
CS-0429 Acute Myocardial Infarction  We must first and only treat culprit vessel? Jun Chen
CS-0431 One Case Report:  Abdominal Aorta Occlusion caused by  false lumen of Aortic Dissection  Xiaozeng Wang
CS-0435 Treatment of 1 cases with Bifurcation lesion of left main Qi Zhou
CS-0444 How to treat the LAD-D1 bifurcation? Man Wang
CS-0453 A Lesson from Challenging Primary Intervention Sheng-Kai Lee
CS-0454 Electrocardiogram (ecg) combined with coronary angiography to determine the emergency intervention which root infarct artery  Hanjun Pei
CS-0457 A Case of Intervention therapy in Patient with Ventricular Septum Rupture After Myocardial Infarction Yitong Ma
CS-0472 A case: PCI for  CTO lesion with hard plaque in RCA  Quanmin Jing
CS-0482 A case: Final kiss with modification device in bifurcation stent PCI Shaoyi Guan
CS-0483 A case: PCI in LCX bifurcation lesions with the protected  technique of preset balloon in side-branch Quanmin Jing
CS-0484 PCI in a complicated case Jianzhang Feng
CS-0485 Retrograde CTO from ipsilateral path in a patient with severe renal insufficiency Nianjin Xie
CS-0487 LAD CTO lesions forward failed branched side by diagonal branch of interventional treatment of one case of reverse Lijian Gao
CS-0489 A case: PCI for double bifurcation and extremely calcified lesions lesion in LM and LAD  Quanmin Jing
CS-0490 A case: successful treatment of guide catheter fractured during PCI  Haiwei Liu
CS-0492 Interventional therapy of cardiac perforation after closure of atrial septal defects with the Amplatzer septal occluder  Junyi Wan
CS-0501 First transcatheter Lotus aortic valve replacement in China Xianbao Liu
CS-0503 a case about double bifurcation lesions Chengping Hu
CS-0504 The interventional therapy of IVUS guidance CTO Zhujun Chen
CS-0506 Drug-eluting stents off load one cases Yu Chen
CS-0523 complex Chronic total occlusion Leisheng Ru
CS-0528 A guide wire fracture case Jie Tao
CS-0532 A case of Left main  triple bifurcation lesions Yongqing Lin
CS-0537 1 case of Sudden death after PCI in acute myocardial infarction  Xinyong Zhang
CS-0540 Single coronary artery interventional therapy ammonia PET guidance Li Jin
CS-0542 Early Stent Thrombosis after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention of Chronic Total Occlusion With Retrograde Approach Li Jin
IABP-0037 Complete revascularisation  in two patients with STEMI and multivessel disease  Hao Hu
IABP-0049 Treatment of a Distal Left Main Bifurcation Zhehao Piao
IABP-0050 A case: patient with  left mail and four bifurcation lesions and cardiac pump failure undergoing primary PCI  with assistance of trans-femoral  intra-aortic balloon  pumping Qiong You
IM-0003 A Case of right coronary obstruction by brachial artery endothelium in the PCI Zhao Zhang
IM-0005 the RCA origin from left coronary antrum and been pressed Zhihong Zhao
IM-0018 FFR combined therapy with double bifurcation lesions under IVUS guidance to optimize the PCI Hui Li
IM-0022 LM bifurcation PCI with huge aneurysm Wenqiang Chen
IM-0024 IVUS guided rescue of a biodegradable stent dislodgment Yong He
IM-0025 A case of abnormal LM, assessed with CTA,CAG and IVUS Yong He
IM-0034 OCT optimaze the PCI treatment strategy Chunfeng Niu
IM-0035 A case of left main stent restenosis PCI guided by IVUS Hongwei Pan
IM-0039 One disaster after another: A case of spontaneous with concurrent Iatrogenic coronary artery dissection Zi Ye
IM-0045 Simple strategy for Bifurcation lesion in Left main artery using FFR and IVUS Qi Wang
IM-0046 A case report of zero contrast PCI Dongdong Sun
IM-0049 Intravascular ultrasound guided the treatment of narrowing calcification lesion with adjacent ectasia Yuhan Sun
IM-0050 A Complex bifurcation case Tao Hu
IM-0052 RA_CTO Tao Hu
IM-0059 A hazy image on coronary angiogram Zheng Wu
IM-0066 1 cases of acute myocardial infarction treated with OCT Chuanfen Liu
IM-0076 A Case of LM Dissection During OCT Examination Hongyu Shi
IM-0086 IVUS guided PCI of ostial lesion in LM cause by  syphilis Kai Xu
IM-0089 Biodegradable stent restenosis one case Xiaozeng Wang
IM-0090 OCT after thrombolytic recanalization conservative medical treatment under the guidance of a case Zhenyang Liang
IM-0093 After tortuous vessel lesion PPCI Qinhua Jin
IM-0104 When the emergency PCI met with CTO Zhanxiu Zhang
IM-0107 stent malapposition case Hao Lu
IM-0122 A  case  rerort about mild symptoms of thrombosis lesion Weiping Zhang
IM-0124 Aneurysm or Pseudoaneurysm  Jiancheng Xiu
IM-0126 Acase of LM by guidance of IVUS Fuyuan Liu
IM-0132 Antegrade combined with Retrograde procedure in RCA CTO Lesion with new Generation of IVUS catheter Yan Lai
IM-0133 IVUS guided PCI of RCA CTO with disection Lesion, a case report Zhongying Jin
IM-0138 A Bifurcation Case using
TAP Technique
Xun Hu
IM-0143 Percutaneous Revascularization of Below-the-Knee CTO via Retrograde Approach Hui Dong
IM-0144 A case of LM Hematoma Liang Xu
IM-0162 ACS caused by Takayasu syndrome Yongbai Luo
IM-0173 FFR-guided PCI of continuous lesions Haiyan Wang
IM-0177 The pitfall of CTO in coronary angiogram: A successful antegrade PCI for LAD-CTO assisted by Opticross IVUS catheter  Defeng Pan
IM-0178 A rare spontaneous dissection and healing case diagnosed by IVUS Ang Li